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Not that anyone really reads this anymore... - see the beauty there [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Not that anyone really reads this anymore... [May. 8th, 2007|11:09 am]
My landlord can seriously suck it.
Marie and Michelle are out of town, everyone's moved back home, and John Paul is in stupid Italy looking at stupid art. (I'm really just horribly jealous of him being in Rome, eating fresh mozzarella.)
On the upside, I'm working alot, Jordan and Jess are coming to visit me tonight until tomorrow, and I'm finding my domestic goddess side. I'm going to paint some furniture, try some new recipes, I sewed up some holes in my pillow, etc. Also, I did a Habitat for Humanity build in Jax last Saturday and had a really good time, got dirty, and a little tan. I only hit my thumb once with a hammer!
I ended up getting my only A in the class I was sure I was going to fail, and Bs in everything else.
I'm going home at the end of May until July, then will be moving into my apartment with my man in early August. Until then, I'm going to work at the library (again), this time at Hoke, where I'll be helping with all of the children's stuff because their children's person quit a while ago. Maybe I'll even do storytimes? Anyways, there will be some people in Martin County that I'm seriously missing and can't wait to see (ahem, Elg), and John Paul will get to come down and visit me all the time during June. Except when I'm going to the American Library Association conference for a week in June, where I'll see Julie Andrews, a premiere of a movie all about librarians in Hollywood, and Garrison Keillor, Khaled Hosseini (I just butchered his name), and a bunch of other great authors. I'm a dork, but I'm excited.
Okay. That's my summer. Should be good.

[User Picture]From: xblueskyburning
2007-05-11 03:46 am (UTC)
You realize I haven't logged in to read anything on Livejournal for months, and yet I had some strange urge to tonight. We are definitely doing something this time, and no excuse you have will be worth a damn. End of story, and goodnight.
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[User Picture]From: original_moment
2007-05-11 07:31 pm (UTC)
It's because we have this crazy psychic connection. I can't explain it, but it's there.
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